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Caged Rock gabions are rugged and designed to last, making them a great option for a retaining wall. See the Cages section of the product list to start planning your retaining wall! Standard Gabions


Welcome to Caged Rock

Alan Robertson has now fully retired and the Caged Rock business will be owned by Stellar Asset Services from 1st October 2023. There will be a handover period during October and enquiries can be sent to  or phone 0402 445 418.

From 1st November 2023 enquiries can be made to James Kerr at Stellar Asset Service Pty Ltd.

Phone: 0478 735 880.

Caged Rock can fabricate gabions in widths up to 3000mm, heights to 900mm and depths up to 1000mm in 50mm increments.

Our gabions use Australian made ARC 50mmx50mmx4mm galvanised mesh or AlTen 75mmx75mm mesh, using 4mm or 5mm wire. Our wire spacers and coils are made in Brisbane.

We supply and deliver Gabion cages and various stone types to suit different installation requirements.

A gabion is a rock filled cage or basket used for erosion protection, boundary fences, retaining walls and for landscaping/decorative purposes.

A Caged Rock gabion cage has a life potential in excess of sixty years.

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Our Cages are made with the average DIY'er in mind, whilst providing a supreme quality product that will last


We have designed all the components to make installation as easy as possible, and a product that is as strong as possible.